What is « The Floating Admiral »?

Exhibition page :  thefloatingadmiral.com

From June 21st to September 9th 2013. Opening : Thursday, June 20th.
For the Nouvelles Vagues season at the Palais de Tokyo.

with : Francis Alÿs, Isabelle Cornaro, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Nicolas Floc’h, Mario García Torres, Germain Hamel, Nathan Hylden, Zhanna Kadyrova, Kitty Kraus, Hugo Pernet.

The Floating Admiral borrows its title from a crime fiction novel published in 1931 and written chapter after chapter — as in the Surrealist « exquisite corpse » game — by fourteen members of the Detection Club.

The curators, Ana Mendoza Aldana and the Cartel de Kunst collective, have selected the works that will be presented in this exhibition respecting the same rule followed in the book : each piece responds in one way or another to the previous one. Further, each work is meant to shed light (or not) on the condition of painting today.

FA_MAPAiming to recreate this process in the exhibition space, and inspired by the way in which the plot gradually unfolds in a crime fiction novel, the installation of the works will take place between June 20th (the official opening) and July 17th.

Chapter I and II – June 20th (opening)
Germain Hamel and Zhanna Kadyrova
Chapter III, IV, V and VI – June 26th
Hugo Pernet and Nathan Hylden ; Nicolas Floc’h and Mario García Torres
Chapter VII and VIII – July 3rd
Isabelle Cornaro and Francis Alÿs
Chapter IX – July 10th
Kitty Kraus
Chapter X – July 17th
Hans-Peter Feldmann
We are delighted to invite you to discover The Floating Admiral from June 21st to September 9th at the Palais de Tokyo, and we hope you will follow its evolution through time.

To read more about the exhibition and follow its evolution : thefloatingadmiral.com


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