Monsters and Madonnas

with Melissa Boucher, Victor Man, Blair Thurman, and Céline Vaché-Olivieri
From May 21st at Triple V, Paris 

creature-from-black-lagoon-swim-bFrom the cold blue of the tallest mountain, in the shadows of the damp stalactites of a cave, or in the lukewarm depths of an Amazonian lake, the eye of the fantastic keeps watch.
A pleasant feeling of fear hides out, then creeps up, and seizes us.
Monsters and madonnas walk hand in hand. They appear at the end of your telescope, dancing among distant stars; under your surfboard when the wave breaks; among the landscapes of green or of flesh; or in a ray of light when the dust flies discretely away.

Your gaze gets lost in the starry abyss, or sets on a tiny detail. Reason gives way to vertigo.
Slowly, the premonition of the sublime thus appears.

Translated from French with the fabulous help of Alexandra Perloff-Giles